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TMC Shine and Show 2016 Wigram

The TMC Trailers sponsored Trucking 2016 event held at Wigram on October 8 cemented this event as one of the premier events in the road transport calander.
Mark and Shane and their army of helpers just keep raising the bar on this event. 

The stars of the show were the Show & Shine Truck Drivers. A record number lined up side by side with their highly polished trucks. 

  • 338 Show & Shine Trucks
  • Estimated over 400 Trucks/Vehicles on site
  • Over 80 Exhibitors
  • Visitors to the show over 20,000
  • Over $20,000 raised for Ronald McDonald House SI and Child Cancer Canterbury (we are still counting and collecting)



This footage was shot with permission from Christchurch ATC using Flight Request 19751 and we gratefully acknowledge their assistance with this shoot.