These companies are helping us archive the industry...

History bin


We invite anybody with old 8mm, 16mm or VHS tape of the industry to contact us.

We will host, archive and ensure your material has an on-line presence which will ensure the footage survives even if the originals don't.

Our intention is to create a digital archive of photographs and old film as a resource for documentaries, research and entertainment in one searcheable site.

Contact me here should you wish to safeguard your material and have it futureproofed and available to the greater industry.

The clips on this site are size-restrained and may have search words, deleted audio or embedded logos and timecodes to prevent unauthorised use or distribution. We appolgise if this diminishes your viewing pleasure, however this site's intention is as a resource to the industry and is structured as such. The clips on any given page are representative of a larger body of work, and not as a complete library of available footage. We are constantly adding material - both current and older. Please contact  for any enquiry.

A place for old film