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This site celebrates the New Zealand road transport industry, in its many forms and functions.

We are in the process of up-loading hundreds of clips filmed during the making of ‘Truck Files – A New Zealand Story’, in order to create an archive of footage that illustrates the remarkable diversity of our industry, and its underlying importance to the country .

These clips will sit beside others that reach back over the decades to explain the evolution of the New Zealand road transport industry, and will act as a storehouse, to safeguard as much material as possible pertaining to our industry.

It is a work in progress, undergoing constant uploading and editing. 

Click on the image below, which will transfer you to Prime TV’s ‘Catch’up’ page..

Introducing – The Truck Files – A New Zealand Story

Showing on Prime – Catch Up


Click on the image above to take you to the The Truck Files – A New Zealand Story – a three-part documentary-style programme that traces the development of the road transport industry, from its earliest days of horse and cart to the modern era of High Productivity Motor Vehicles (HPMV) in the 21st century.

Drawing upon archival footage where possible, the series traces the evolution of an industry that started out in the shadow of rail and coastal shipping.