It is hard to think of a single item in your everyday life that didn’t arrive on a truck during its journey to your life.

And many of those items, particularily food, courier deliveries, clothing, hardware – basically everything might find in your house and garage – arrived from a major warehouse to your city by one or more linehaul drivers.

These trucks usually have set routes and an item that comes from Auckland to Invercargill might have a change of driver two or three times during that voyage.

Linehaul drivers are usually piloting the most modern trucks in the country as their routes work to exacting timetables and will clock up huge mileages in a short period with many of these trucks doing 5,000km a week or 250,000km a year! Their trucks have to be new so they don’t break down and many owner-operators – that is drivers who own their truck – contract to some of these big linehaul companies and they take great pride in their vehicles and really dress them up with lots of lights and chrome.

These people have a great passion for the truck, the job and the lifestyle and really keep this country running!

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