Truck Archive

Truck Archive was created to promote the road transport industry by gathering video and photographic material to create a ever growing resource for the industry.

On this site you will find mini-documentaries on the industry, as well as a wealth of clips taken by helicopter and UAV as well as ground and vehicle based video capture systems to a broadcast standard. This site was made possible by the encouragement and support of our sponsors who also see the need to record some of the unique aspects of our operating environments and the day-to-day operations that all-to-soon slide into history…

We welcome historic content – photographic, movie or video by contacting the Archivist here.

This website is dedicated to showcasing the New Zealand road transport industry and the environment in which it works in the best light possible.

The thousands of clips on this site capture moments in time of the industry at work, and cumulatively form the basis of a video-archive designed to house as broad a spectrum of the industry’s activities as is possible.

This material can be used for promotional, educational, documentary or broadcast end use by third parties and is intended to be an industry resource and video database.

We are constantly uploading new material along as well as building up a library of historic photographs and footage as they become available in order to offer a digital safeguard for material that otherwise might be lost to us.