Tuapeka Transport circa early 1980s

Southland and Central Otago hosted some of the biggest fleets of Mack in the country – it was Mack rich for good reason – these trucks proved very reliable and for a region that was at the end of the parts supply chain – this was gold.

Tuapeka Transport was perhaps the most famous in its Mack days, and here is some of the gear they had in the yard in the eighties.

We have more pix and video of some of these rigs at work and you can view video footage here of one of their R-series Macks hard at work.

The Tuapeka colours have been kept, but the name now resides with Road Transport Logistics (RTL) who predominately run Kenworth. You can see them at work here.

You might want to see photos taken of Clinton-Waipahi around the same time, which are now also owned by RTL.