Classic Pix – Stewart Bros Kenworth

This Kenworth W924 and tri-axle tipper was one of the most important pieces of equipment that helped build the Clyde Dam during the 1980-90s.

It worked out of the Road Metals aggregate plant downstream of where the dam was being built, and it (seen below on the far right) and a cohort of three T-series Internationals collectively moved around three-million tonne of aggregate destined for the concrete plant used to build the dam.

I believe Stewart Bros from the North Island operated this  truck and the Inters, while Road Metals put trucks on when necessary to keep things moving. They also did a sterling job of operating the plant, which was the beating heart of the whole enterprise.

I would welcome some more facts and figures pertaining to this remarkable tractor – it was a feature of the dam site for years as it plied that short run, helping hauling those millions of tonnes of aggregate for the project.


Robin Given informed me via Facebook that the Stewart brothers, went back logging with a T Line after they left the dam, and that this tractor went to Dynes Transport and became Blue Velvet. 

Here is a link to the Facebook post.

ZC-10 KW Clyde tipper
Clyde dam aggregate plant