Wilkins & Davies – Clyde Dam era

Wilkin & Davies boss Peter Knight become legendary for the way he presented and operated the equipment he used on the various contracts WD undertook on the Clyde and Clutha river schemes from the late seventies to the nineties when the dam was finally filled and commissioned.

In particular they undertook a lot of the dangerous and steep shaping of the hill facings on the road side of the Clutha (soon to be Lake Dunstan) and the pair of Komatsu D455 tractors, along with the Caterpillar D10 amongst other gear, they operated  were often seen ripping and pushing on terrain that beggared belief.

Peter also keep the gear immaculate and every-time one of them came out of the paint-shop, I’d be called in to do a night study as seen here with the D10.

The side-by-side shot of the Komatsu’s ripping and pushing on a night shift was taken a couple of hundred metres above where the road was put in, and to put it mildly, were spectacular in operation.

As I come across this WD material I will include it on this page, and even though it is not truck related – I feel that some of the pictures I took in this era deserve to have a platform.

I have nothing but admiration for the operators of this gear having seen up close and personal just how professional, gutsy and steady they were on the levers.

As always,  any info is welcomed and if relevant I will add to this store of information.