Classic Pix – Retko Atkinson

#5   Shot in 1987, this International Atkinson 4870 worked for Retko – Steve Reddy and Kevin Kitto – and was set up to for the, then, looming arrival of the 44-tonne era.

The truck produced 400hp from its Cummins 86NT powerplant, and the tractor cost $243,000 (gst inclusive).

This particular rig was owned by Steve, and it’s identical sister rig was co-owned by Steve and Kevin, were put on the road to do the Turangi-swap run, and while these days that’s nothing special – back in the eighties – double shifting and the Turangi swap were novel innovations that followed the deregulation of the road transport industry in 1984.

Basically an International T-line Eagle, the Atkinson had a better spec for this run, and Steve and Kevin opted for the longer legs of the Atkinson over the Eagle when they placed the order.

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